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MSP and SIP Thor Platforms


Multimedia Service Platform and SIP Thor are turnkey platforms for service delivery of Voice, Video, Fax, IM, File Transfer and Presence based on SIP and XMPP protocols.

Both platforms are based on IETF standards that integrate the best Open Source software related components available on the market. MSP is designed for one data-center and SIP Thor can be distributed across multiple data centers to serve millions of users using a state-of-the-art self-organizing network design.

Both platforms are used and supported consistently in production environments with an excellent track record. The average life span of our customers is more than five years and we provide native support in English and Spanish languages.


  • Signaling (SIP and XMPP protocols)
  • Voice, Video and Fax (RTP media)
  • IM and File Transfers (MSRP media)
  • SIMPLE Presence (XCAP and RLS)
  • Multiparty Conferencing (both RTP and MSRP media)
  • SIP to and from XMPP Gateway (Voice, IM and Presence)
  • SOAP/XML remote provisioning
  • Class 4 and Class 5 telephony features
  • Postpaid and Prepaid Accounting
  • Fraud control features
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Multi-tenant partitioning
  • Integrated Softphone offering


Click here to download the full description of the platform.

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Multimedia Service Platform can be delivered as stand-alone platform or as a service managed by AG Projects. If you wish to test features present in Multimedia Service Platform you may subscribe to the SIP2SIP free service.

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