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We are a leading global supplier of real-time communication systems based on SIP protocol since 2002. Our main customers are Telecom and Cable Operators, Internet Service Providers and service integrators.

We are a software vendor specialised in the development and deployment of real-time communications client and server solutions. We develop, maintain and contribute to more than thirty software packages among which are OpenSIPS, MediaProxy, OpenXCAP, CDRTool, MSRP Relay, Blink, SylkServer and stacks for real-time protocols and data-exchange mechanisms like SIP, TLS, XCAP, MSRP, RTP, TLS, JSON, PUB/SUB and P2P DHT.


Our experience spans signaling protocols, building high availability platforms, addressing and numbering systems, implementing service provisioning and accounting and designing disaster recovery plans. Understanding the whole value chain that makes possible the present and future Internet applications, we are able to create cost-effective infrastructures that are easyly scalable and cost effective to maintain.

Our rich operational experience distinguishes us from our competitors, our solutions are properly tested prior deployment to the customer environments.

We believe in the end-to-end principles that drive the Internet. Our software reflects the philosophy:

  • Network is unaware of the applications, this makes it scalable
  • Nothing should be done in the network that can be done in an end-system
  • Quality of Service (QoS) is a matter of bandwidth availability and not of central control


We have long time commitments with our customers. We typically support our customers for several years.