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Our products are used in commercial deployments worldwide since 2002.

We continuously innovate and work closely with our customers to fine-tune and improve our products. This mutual collaboration gives our customers a unique advantage against competition and provide us feedback to improve our products and support processes.

Below is a list of relevant customers who chose to use our products and services.

  • Clearcom (Mexico)
  • SIDN (Nederland)
  • ERP5 (France)
  • SIMAC (Nederland)
  • NLNET (Nederland)
  • UNET (Nederland)
  • Rogers (Canada)
  • Ziggo (Nederland)
  • Merge Communications (New Zealand)
  • Adobe Systems (USA)
  • Tellfree (Brasil)
  • Multikabel (the Netherlands)
  • CAIW (the Netherlands)
  • Voipster (the Netherlands)
  • ARCOR (Germany)
  • Euroweb (Romania)
  • M2X (Japan)
  • Budget Phone (the Netherlands)
We also provide managed services based on our products at SIPThor Net.

We do our best and strive to keep our customers satisfied. Our long time commitment is reflected in the low churn of our customers.