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These are events organized by  Internet Society in the Netherlands (ISOC) SIP special interest group co-chaired by Adrian Georgescu.

Blink does OPUS

A special edition of Blink for SIP2SIP with OPUS codec 48kHz has been launched

Software and documentation

For latest updates, software downloads and documentation go to

Live Blink and SylkServer demo at VUC

Newly launched SylkServer 2.0 with SIP/XMPP gateways demoed live in the 400th VUC session.

Future of Presence 2008
Presence is the coming together of all the different digital channels we communicate with in our everyday lives. Protocols and standards like SIP, ENUM, SIMPLE and Jabber are enabling the convergence of mobile and fixed networks, IM, voice and video communications. The next generation of consumer devices will put everything into the hands of the end-user.
Infrastructure ENUM 2007

On October 11th 2007 in den Hague, Carrier ENUM was the main topic of a conference organized by the Dutch Internet Society SIP Special Interest Group (SIP SIG).

Future of VoIP 2007

Michiel Leenaars and Adrian Georgescu organize the second edition of Future of VoIP.

The SIP protocol is now revolutionizing the way we communicate in our everyday life. Just as various network and messaging systems that forged the today's Internet merged and followed a single standard, the need for interoperability between walled garden real-time communication islands like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google and the telecom industry spearheaded SIP as the protocol to bridge and realize inter-domain seamless communications across the Internet.

Future of VoIP 2005
Adrian Georgescu and Michiel Leenars organize Future of VoIP event in den Hague, Netherlands.
ENUM and SIP are revolutionizing the telecom sector and the internet by merging their services into a global network. Mobile operators as well as landline providers start bundling Internet access with SIP based communications. Voice becomes another application over the Internet. On the long term, from the existing telephoney network (PSTN, or public switched telephone network) only the phone numbers will remain (to be exact, the E.164 numbering plan) while mobile and fixed services will converge in the same terminal.